Cool Camping

Small caravan manufacturers Dub Box Limited has set itself an even bigger task for 2017 by setting up private hire of its fabulous camper trailers.

Dub Box Adventures is starting off with two Dub Boxes in the fleet with a further one to follow shortly. Director Becky Clay said: “The idea is that people can enjoy the Dub Box experience without the need to purchase one. Holidays can be so expensive and having children of our own we know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained."

"Going camping gives the whole family a sense of freedom and also gives the parents a break! It’s also a way for customers to try out one of our wonderful trailers before they design and purchase their own. We want everybody to be able to afford to go off and enjoy their own Dub Box Adventure.”

The Dub Boxes come fully kitted out with full kitchen equipment, plates, cups and even bedding if needed. Whether you hire the two- or four-berth micro caravans you can add extra space by opting to take an additional awning too. Prices start at a very reasonable rate and we recommend to book your camper early to secure your adventure!

Pleass Click Here to view the available range for hire.