Optional Extras

Our Dub Boxes come with most things you would need, however if you wanted a little something extra cast your eye over our optional extras to see if anything takes your fancy. Some will also make preparing for your trip a little easier!


  • Single bedding pack, consisting of a single sleeping bag, under sheet and pillow. £20
  • Double bedding pack consisting of a double sleeping bag, under sheet and two pillows. £25.00


  • dutch oven 500Dutch oven and tripod hire comes with fire pit and grill brush* £10.00
    A fabulous addition for those wanting to make the most of their adventure, if you picture yourself cooking over a camp fire for a delicious open air meal then this pot is definitely for you, made from cast iron it is ideal for many of the recipes in your camping cookbook too! We recommend Chicken Fajitas - cook the onions until soft in olive oil then add the chicken stripes to seal on the outside, add chopped peppers, celery in fact any veggies you like, add Fajita seasoning stir and put lid on, cook until ready to eat. Heat through wraps on the top of the lid, put some of the fajitas mix on a wrap add cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and coriander, roll and munch!


  • AC Spit roast set 600x400Spit roast set. comes with fire pit and grill brush * £10.00
    Two forks and two spits to poke through a spatchcock chicken, joint or anything else you want to spit roast over an open fire. Makes you feel like a true camper! Try mixing crushed garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, sliced chilli altogether, tie a few springs of rosemary together and use this to brush the flavoured oil over a spatchcock chicken whilst it gradually cooks, makes a wonderful marinade! *See terms and conditions


Additional Space

  • awning 500pxAwning £30.00 
    For an extra bit of covered space or another bedroom, hire the motordome tourer quick erect awning.
  • Porta potti and tent** £30.00 
    We can provide a compact porta pottie (chemical loo) and easy to erect tent.  Makes things more civilized! 
    **see terms and conditions