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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If your question is not there then please ask us directly.

Does the rental price include insurance?

No it doesn't, a cover note for the period of hire will need to be gained from an insurance company, for example IPG Insurance 01384 473 023 (other insurance companies are available!) ask for a cover note for a camper trailer for however many days you need, The process should only take 10 minutes and can then be emailed to us. Scarlet would need to be covered up to £15,000 and Shortie for £10,000

What are the main reasons for hiring a Dub Box?

Well we could go on about this for ages but the key points are …

  • You will look amazingly cool and will be the envy of your campsite
  • You have the joy of a camper holiday without the hassle
  • Your Dub Box isn’t going to break down and won’t have to wait for the AA for hours 
  •  If you need to nip to the shops or want to go out for the day, you don’t need to pack everything away and load everything up,  you just take your car and leave the Dub Box on site

I’ve not towed much before, how easy is it?

Very easy- the width of a Dub Box will be a similar width to your car, so you can see all the way down the sides using your side mirrors, and because of the width there is limited drag on the vehicle which again makes it easier and with a Maximum Permissible Mass 750kg it is very light weight too. We will also run through some Do’s and Don’ts when you get here to help you along the way.

How do I know how much my car can tow?

This is quite straight forward, either check your car's handbook, phone your dealer or check online.

Can I tow on my driving license?

As long as you have a full driving licence you can tow a Dub Box because its weight doesn’t exceed 750kg.

What size number plate do I need with my towing vehicle registration number on? 

A square number plate 240x340 standard size would fit perfectly!

What trailer to car connection has the Dub Boxes got?

Each Dub Box has a 7 pin connector with a standard sized tow ball.

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